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Notice of Public Hearing

NOTICE OF OPPORTUNITY OF PUBLIC HEARING SPECIAL NOTICE Notice of Opportunity of Public Hearing pursuant to 49 USC 47106(c)(1)(A)(i) of the US Code regarding an Environmental Assessment (EA). The City of Hays intends to undertake the following action at Hays Regional Airport: Acquire a 20.33-acre tract of land located east of the existing airport property; […]


NOTICE TO AIRPORT CONSULTANTS The City of Hays, Kansas (Sponsor) is hereby soliciting statements of qualifications and experience from qualified airport consultants for airfield development projects that are anticipated to occur within the next five years at the Hays Regional Airport (HYS) located in Hays, KS. Subject to future receipt of Federal funding under the […]

Public Notice/Air Carrier Consultation Meeting

PUBLIC NOTICE/AIR CARRIER CONSULTATION MEETING INTENT TO SUBMIT A PASSENGER FACILITY CHARGE APPLICATION TO IMPOSE AND USE PASSENGER FACILITY CHARGE AT HAYS REGIONAL AIRPORT LOCATED IN HAYS, KANSAS October 23, 2019 Pursuant to CFR 158.24, the City of Hays (city), owner and operator of the Hays Regional Airport (airport), hereby provides public notice of the […]