Airport Services

Hays Aircraft, LLC
3950 E 8th St. Hays, KS 67601

Hays Aircraft offers many great aviation services including:

  • Private Charter Flights to your destination with FAA Part 135 certified aircraft and pilots
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Repair preformed by FAA certified A&Ps and IAs
  • Fuel Service Fueling – competitive pricing and great service
  • Flight Instruction – Learn to fly from experienced flight instructors
  • Plane Rental – planes are available for rent to pilots
  • Hangar Rental – keep you plane at the nicest airport around and keep it out of the weather
  • Aircraft Sales – will assist with the purchase or sale of an aircraft

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EagleMed – Medical Service
Local number: 785.625.4482

EagleMed is a privately owned and operated critical care transport service that has been in business since the transport of our first patient on September 1, 1981. We offer services to the entire state of Kansas with six Beechcraft King Air fixed wing aircraft and twelve Eurocopter A-Star AS350 rotor wing aircraft EagleMed has bases in Hays, Chanute, Dodge City, Garden City, Goodland, Pittsburg and Wichita, Kansas, Ardmore, Hugo, Oklahoma City, Stillwater, and Tahlequah Oklahoma, and Joplin, Missouri.

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Rans Flight Center
4600 Highway 183 Alt. Hays, KS 67601

At RANS, we feel our products provide performance beyond tradition, performance that goes beyond the numbers. From the moment you decide to purchase a RANS aircraft to that day several years of flying later, RANS will still be delivering what you have come to expect. Our designs work in the everyday world. The practicality becomes the luxury. Every line, calculation, nut, and bolt are, by nature of design, a concerted effort of machine, a machine that becomes a spirited extension of your aviation soul. With a RANS your perspective changes. Places once out of reach become accessible. What airplanes are really for becomes more and more clear. Each flight becomes a moment you want to share but find words can’t express. RANS is access to the kind of flying you dream of.

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Aces High Aircraft Refinishing

3950 E 8th St Hays, KS 67601

At Aces High Aircraft Refinishing, we can get you back up in the sky looking better than ever. We will paint and refinish your plane in our world-class paint facility. Located in a hangar at Hays Regional Airport, you won’t have far to go from runway to our facility.

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